Brushetta, Baby

/ Tuesday, 14 August 2012 /
We had our second cookout!

Me, Li, YJ, Bernice and Esther went ice skating first, and then we went grocery shopping near to Li's house. We bought loads of stuff. In the end, we cooked brushetta, salad, scrambled egg, pizza and quesadilla. The food was really good, we really improved since last time, haha.

We were rather too full for dessert, which was a shame because we bought ingredients for chocolate brownies. But after dinner we went for a walk around the area, and then came back to Li's house to a smell of chocolate. Turns out her brother used our ingredients to make chocolate fudge so we watched Just Go With It while eating fudge and popcorn. Later we watched Robert Downey Jr's Sherlock Holmes till 2 in the morning and continued watching BBC's Sherlock until almost 5 in the morning.

How did we stay awake?

  • thick hoodies to prevent the cold and mosquito bites
  • lots and lots of cups of water
  • nachos
  • more fudge
  • bernice snuck to the kitchen to have ice cream secretly


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