Not Typical

/ Thursday, 9 August 2012 /
Bernice and I slept over at Delphine's on Saturday. It wasn't your typical sleepover. We went out to the mall for burgers, went to the thrift stores there and bought cheap clothes, ate frozen yoghurt, and then had a good, long walk around her neighborhood (to burn off the million calories we gained from the burgers) when we got back to her house. We dropped by Bernice's house which was nearby, and the state of her room was atrocious. It was so messy that it was laughable. And yea, me and Delphine laughed. And then we played this card game called Sleeping Queens that is very childish but incredibly fun (you have no idea). Then the three of us crammed onto the bed and stalked a certain someone on Facebook (mean, but it was funny) and after that we helped Delphine pack stuff for boarding school.  Then we played more Sleeping Queens until we slept.

The next morning Bernice and I woke up to Delphine already dressed in sports gear. We had breakfast, watched a little bit of Olympic athletics on TV, switched the channel to How Do I Look, this reality show where normal people gets chosen for makeovers, and had immense fun watching the makeover. Then we made protein shakes and went jogging (more like Bernice and Delphine running and me walking behind them). Then we played more Sleeping Queens (we like it, is it not obvious?).


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