/ Wednesday, 26 October 2011 /
Today's Maths and ICT revision session was actually really really fun.

Zhulin came over in the morning and we wrote out notes - I did mine on A3 paper, which was already quite large, but she did hers on gigantic brown paper which I'm guessing was about A0.5 (oh god why didn't I take a picture of it) while listening to story and gossiping like soulmatessss do

Then we had pizza for lunch, which was quite messy

And for the rest of the afternoon (whom she kept delaying her dad to come pick her up - from 3 to 4 to 4.30 to 5 till her dad asked her if she "actually plans on going home today") we did past paper questions (not really, because we chatted and distracted each other with music and national geographic and britney spears and Facebook and *** person and tumblr and tvdisney.go.com childhood games and Taking Care of Baby Krissy on Barbie.com) while listening to Burberry Acoustics and Watchlistentell on YouTube.

Oh and after Zhulin went home we continued skyping with each other while doing Maths and we timed ourselves using online-stopwatch.com all the way until night.

Basically I spent the entire day with my soulmate and I want to do it again.


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