/ Friday, 9 December 2011 /
Last week my mom and I went to England whilst I skipped school here to sit for entrance exams in other schools.
We were so jet lag the first few days, tired and all. But I really loves CLC and I really do want to get into the school very much. Wycombe Abbey is pretty nice too, but CLC is still my first choice. The exams were hard, I hope I do get in though because I felt I didn't do too bad and I think I was fine in the interviews!
When we went down to London we drove around Hyde Park which was beautiful and then basically spent two whole days in National Geographic store on Regent Street. Oh and also we watched Blood Brothers and We Will Rock You. They were breathtaking.

Oh please, CLC, accept me!

last minute chemistry revision in the plane 
airplane food 
watching a fantastic documentary on the plane - 'Dolphin Boy' 


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