/ Monday, 10 October 2011 /
We stayed back in school till really late in the evening to finish shooting for the Mufti Day video
Can I just say how much fun it is to be with Zhulin? I missed her so much, we hadn't had time together the past few weeks. She's amazing. 
Here's some of the shots from today's filming. I think the final video's gonna be good. 

(zhulin really likes this picture, I do too)

Oh, and I've realized Andrea has really gorgeous freckles and lashes but she is just so loud laughing when I want to take her picture, oh god she's the best. And she leaves her empty Coke cans on stairs. 

And I also discovered that the security guard in our school has this thing in her desk drawer

Off to finish my English speech essay now - what is my rights anymore? 


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