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Today was my first ever proper photoshoot with another person/model other than myself and my sister. I did a collaboration with Zhulin, because it's both our first times and we felt we would both feel more comfortable with both of us being there. Delphine was kind enough to agree to model for us, after numerous persuasive text messages that I sent her. She is a fantastic dancer, and so elegant.

We did a 3 concept shoot today -

  • Ballet 
  • Beauty shots 
  • Hair accessories 
  • Shadows
Delphine has been dancing since she was 4, and so naturally I wanted to shoot her, after all, ballerinas are one of the most beautiful things. We also did beauty shots, where we did wacky, zaggy makeup on her face. It wasn't what we initially planned, but both me and Zhulin brought our cameras today with no exact plan anyway. Improvising, that's what we're good at. The last concept was for Delphine - she makes hair accessories in her free time, and is planning to sell several of her products online, so we agreed to shoot the products as thanks for her being our model. Her hair accessories are absolutely gorgeous, I must say! (Not that I am in any state to use hair-ties, I have a Bob haircut now)

These are some behind-the-scenes, not the actual photos.

this is me doing some late-night editing whilst listening to Bubbly by Colbie Cailat


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